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Whether you’re starting a new business or just want to grow an existing one, this course is a complete A-Z branding program that will help you unlock your unique potential and accelerate business growth.

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Our story

Our passion for branding brought us together while working at one of New York City’s top global branding firms many years ago - Marcela, a brand strategist and Anita, a creative director. Since then, we have created our own businesses, educated others in branding and become experts in the field. Together we have created hundreds of successful brands for companies all over the world and across different industries.

Along the way we found a common thread – “the process”. And it’s this process which we have refined and refined again over many iterations - from brand essence to experience - that we now want to share with you. Let us guide you through the process of transforming your vision into a successful brand.

"A strong brand is the key to business growth."


"So much more than I expected! The program takes you through an easy process from identifying your core messages to developing a unique and compelling brand. The outcome is not only the logo, but all the communications that create authentic and engaging connections with key audiences. Branding For turns complex brand strategy into a fun learning experience. Thanks!"

Greta Weisser
Brand consultant

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