Creating brand guidelines

Have you ever worked with brand guidelines? Perhaps you are considering one for your company or product but don’t know quite where to start or what type of information to include. Brand guidelines are a great tool to help you maintain a consistent brand across all your communication channels, ultimately saving you time and money.


Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are an instructional tool for understanding a brand, its values and applying its visual and verbal tone. Without a set of guidelines, all those that come into contact with your brand will be creating their own versions of what they think your brand should look like, resulting in a lack of clear direction and message.

Whether you have an in-house team of designers or plan on working with branding partners such as outside designers, PR, marketing or advertising consultants, it’s a great tool to consider. Brand guidelines aren’t just reserved for a corporate brand, they can also be created for a...

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Understanding your competition

Knowing your competition is a critical step in the branding process. By understanding who your competitors are and how they are positioned in the market, you are better equipped to build a business (and a brand!) that sets you apart from them. The process of understanding your competitors involves answering three questions:

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are your competitors’ strengths?
  • What sets you apart from your competitors?


Who are your competitors?

There are basically three primary types of competition: direct competitors, indirect competitors and substitutes.

Direct competitors are companies that offer the same products and services that you offer and target the same customer base. Indirect competitors are companies that offer products or services that are slightly different than yours but satisfy the same customer need or solve the same problem. Substitutes are companies that offer products or services that the consumer chooses to buy...

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Choose the right graphic designer for your project


Have you ever needed a graphic designer for your brand or project? Perhaps you are in the process of looking for a designer and don’t know quite where to start. Maybe you have a limited budget and don’t know where to look. Choosing a designer is imperative for your brand’s growth and perception, especially in a world with so much visual clutter.


A graphic designer and types of designers

A graphic designer is a visual communicator who is able to bring a company’s vision to life. A professional designer typically has some graphic design training which includes an understanding of form, typography, color, composition and layout, just to name a few. It takes these skill sets, alongside creativity, to solve a design problem for a business’ visual communication such as: logo, branding system, package, website, information graphics, visual systems, guidelines.

There are many different types of designers with many skill sets, from print, branding,...

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